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Do you want to be 100% confident and get back that ZEST for life? My South Jersey Life Coaching for Men program can show you the way. You won't recognize yourself in 90 days!
"Your Only Limit is YOU!"

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South Jersey Life Coaching for Men

Suffering from depression, anxiety, addiction or low self-esteem? My South Jersey Life Coaching for Men program can help you take back control through discipline, focus, and the will to never give up. Learn to master your diet and nutrition, acquire physical and mental fitness, and start holding yourself accountable.

Mind, Body and Spirit

The goal is to become the best version of yourself in all areas, not just the mirror. The fit body you build will be the by-product of the work you put in on a daily basis using non-negotiable principles that will help to keep you aligned with your vision.

I want you to wake up every day with passion, clarity, vision, and purpose! Everything I teach you in my South Jersey Life Coaching for Men program will not be easy, and it will take a complete lifestyle overhaul to achieve success. It starts with YOU. I will be there to hold you accountable as long as you need, but the mission isn't complete until you hit your goals and no longer need me.

Become the ASSET, not the Liability!

Do you want to be 100% confident and get back that ZEST for life? My South Jersey Life Coaching for Men program can show you the way, because I made all the mistakes and turned things around very quickly. 1,000% commitment, 1,000% focus, and you won't recognize yourself in 90 days!

Morning Wake Up
Meditation & Reflection
Cold Showers
Nutrition & Macros
Water Intake
Rest & Sleep

Put them all together consistently on a daily basis, and you will be very pleased with the outcome.

It's not about YOU anymore. Do it for the ones you love, those who need you the MOST.

Why a Coach?
To help get you from where you are to where you want to be
To help take you to the next level with your partner, kids and career
To challenge you when you're in need of accountability
To support you when you're struggling
To help you rediscover what you already know
To aid you in mastering control of your life

Life Coaching, Nutrition, Mental & Physical Fitness | Michael Thomas Fit

I'm 41 years old and happily married to my beautiful wife Michelle of 10 years. Our 3 year year old chihuahua Dolce is our best bud. I own a local family painting business and we've been servicing the area since 1999 when my dad started it. I used to wake up most mornings with massive amounts of anxiety. I would have to drink alcohol to feel comfortable at social events and would often lose control. I used to battle depression and would always turn to my vices when life got hard. When the pandemic hit, I was in a really bad place mentally. The way I was choosing to manage my stress was terrible and it caught up to me. I was drinking multiple nights per week, angry all the time, and eating poorly. I woke up one morning after a long night, took a long hard look in the mirror and said "I'm done"! That's when I went searching online for a life coach. Within months of being on my new program, I was starting to notice changes in my physique and, more importantly, my mindset. Instead of waking up with anxiety, I was now waking up with purpose, intent, clarity and passion. I began to set daily and weekly goals for myself which created momentum, and before I knew it I was completely transformed! I definitely had my setbacks, but I didn't quit! The key is to never quit and never get too down on yourself!

Throughout this process of fixing myself I was able to find my passion in life, which is helping other men become the best versions of themselves through my South Jersey Life Coaching for Men program.

I've added my own twist to what I was taught and want to help others overcome what ails them. I let myself and others down so many times, but I now know it was for a reason. I was able to endure all that pain and conquer my demons so that I can help you do the same.

Become the asset that your family needs, not the liability! My South Jersey Life Coaching for Men program will guide you step by step and keep you accountable when you aren't able to.


With Michael Thomas Fit's South Jersey Life Coaching for Men, there's much more to fitness than vanity and training. This is life preparation, and fitness and action are gratitude! Having the right training regime will allow you to become the ASSET that your family needs, not the liability. Mind, body and spirit!


Anything you want to be successful at in life requires extensive preparation, consistency and discipline. Whether your goals are to add on some muscle or lose weight, you have to be consistent with your diet, nutrition and macros so we can figure out exactly where you need to be to gain or lose weight.


As you work your way through my South Jersey Life Coaching for Men program, start to build confidence in yourself again, and develop new habits, it will become easier for you to be in control of that "voice" that tells you to numb your emotions at all costs. And when it's not, I'll be there to guide you!


Stop living in the past and focus your energy on what you can control, which is your daily process. The harder you work and the more you focus on your development, the better you'll feel. Setting goals and achieving them will give you a new sense of self and empower you to overcome your past.


Anxiety builds momentum, and if you let it, it will take control and cripple your mind. Take back control through a diligent daily process. My South Jersey Life Coaching for Men program will show you how to flip your mindset so that you are always present and feel comfortable in your skin.

Start Living Your Best Life NOW!

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