We have 3 monthly South Jersey Life Coaching Plans for Men available for your convenience. Your level of success will be determined by how hard you're willing to work.

Michael Thomas Fit South Jersey Life Coaching for Men

Choose a coach who will hold you accountable on a daily basis to ensure your success! I experienced anxiety, depression, low self esteem, alcohol and substance addiction, and anger issues, and was able to overcome it all through the process I'll teach you. Using daily non-negotiable principles, I'll show you how to create new habits that will allow you to stay aligned with your overall goals and vision and build a winning mindset!

Are you in business for yourself and stressed out and angry all the time? That used to be me, so I know exactly how you feel and also exactly how to change it and help you achieve the success you're after. But it all starts with YOU! You have to be ready to commit 100% to the process, because if you do you'll never look back!!

Stop losing control and taking it out on the ones closest to you. Stop overeating and drinking all the time to satisfy your emotional roller coaster.

Michael Thomas Fit Plans

With my program, you will get personalized custom daily workouts through my app, which comes with videos, a custom macronutrient breakdown geared towards your goals, custom meal plans, and weekly check-ins.

You'll have 24/7 contact with me through the fitness app, where I will be holding you accountable on a daily basis. If you feel like you're going to break, I'll always be a text message away to guide you!

I offer one 3-month plan for $1,500. I highly recommend going with at least 3 months to start, because the more you invest in yourself, the bigger your return will be!

Tired of losing? Come join a WINNING TEAM and take your life back!


Michael Thomas Fit sessions do not create an attorney-client relationship and nothing we discuss should be construed as legal, financial, or mental health services.

Coaching sessions are meant to inspire and guide you. There is no guarantee of success. While we use best efforts to provide accurate information, we make no representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the coaching strategies. The advice and strategies given may not be suitable for your situation and are merely the opinion of the coach and/or consultant.

Client specifically disclaims any liability, loss or risk, whether personal, financial or otherwise, that is incurred as a direct or indirect consequence from the use and/or application of any strategies discussed as part of this package.

Client assumes all responsibility and liability for the use of the strategies and information provided as part of this program.

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