Feeling worthless, trouble concentrating, loss of interest in everything, trouble sleeping? If you're experiencing depression, start over! My South Jersey Life Coaching for Men program can help you get out of your head and develop a good relationship with yourself by remaining disciplined every day.

Overcoming Depression | Michael Thomas Fit South Jersey Life Coaching for Men

Overcoming depression starts with forgiveness. You have to forgive yourself for any pain that you've caused to others and make a promise that you'll never do it again. Stop living in the past and focus your energy on what you can control, which is your daily process. My South Jersey Life Coaching for Men program can teach you how to overcome depression with a process that's non-negotiable, regardless of how you feel. The harder you work and the more you focus on your development, the better you'll feel. Setting daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals, and achieving them, will give you a new sense of self and empower you to overcome your past.

ACTION alleviates anxiety and depression, and the idle mind is the devil's playground. If I sat around reflecting every day on all the mistakes I made in the past (it's a long list!), I'd never get anything done. With my South Jersey Life Coaching for Men program, early wake, daily training, and restful sleep will keep you where you need to be.

It all starts with your "self talk". Many people have a negative view of themselves because they can't keep their word on anything. When you say you're going to wake up at a certain time and you do it consistently, you create self-worth and slowly build trust with yourself again. Every time you cheat, you take a step back closer to the loser you used to be. Depression and anxiety can both be beat without the use of pills if you stick to the script every day.

Each week in my South Jersey Life Coaching for Men program, you will build momentum. Each week you will become more and more positive and happy. Each week you will be kicking yourself for wasting so many years of your life! Fortunately for you, YOU FOUND ME and we're going to change all that and transform you into something you didn't think was possible.

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