If you're suffering from addiction, it's over when you say it's over. Put the work in each day to gain the control back. Your addiction ends when you say it does, so stop making excuses and take your life back. It's never too late!

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In my opinion, addiction is a lack of discipline and poor habits. It can be broken easily but you have to want it for yourself, and not because your mom or girlfriend is tired of dealing with you. Life is hard, and that's why we make our daily routine hard, so we stay ready for adversity without the need to escape. As you work your way through the program, start to build confidence in yourself again, and develop new habits, it will become easier for you to be in control of that "voice" that tells you to numb your emotions at all costs. And when it's not, I'll be there to guide you!

In my early twenties I was depressed and didn't even know it. When I tried drugs for the first time, those feelings were completely gone. Little did I know they would come back with a vengeance and completely destroy my life. That's what drugs will do to your mind, so wake up!

Those feelings of bliss and zero anxiety are temporary and a lot of people have a hard time realizing that. Unfortunately for most, they have to experience enough of the pain before they're ready to change. The process is absolutely brutal and only the STRONG make it.

Who are YOU?? Have you had enough?? If so, I'll be here for you every step of the way and I won't stop until you've made your breakthrough.


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