Racing heartbeat, sweaty palms, social anxiety, constant worry, fear, rapid breathing? My South Jersey Life Coaching for Men program will help you to control anxiety, learn to remain present, and calm your mind through your daily process.

Controlling Anxiety | Michael Thomas Fit South Jersey Life Coaching for Men

Most of my anxiety was self induced and was greatly reduced once I learned how to control my internal state at all times. No one has anxiety after a good workout, a long run or bike ride. If you let it, anxiety builds momentum; it will take complete control over you and cripple your mind. With my South Jersey Life Coaching for Men program, you can take back control through a diligent daily process. Each day needs to be centered around personal development, reflection and meditation, increased water intake, no alcohol or substances, exercise, healthy eating and reading positive books. We are creatures of habit and become what we think about most! My South Jersey Life Coaching for Men program will help you overcome anxiety by showing you how to flip your mindset so that you are always present and feel comfortable in your skin at all times.


Meditation will help ease your mind and slow your thoughts so you become in complete control of the "voice" that whispers to you to do the opposite of what you should do. By taking the time each morning and night to intentionally slow your brain down (the most complex computer on earth), you will regain CONTROL! Meditation is like lifting weights for your brain...the more you do it, the better the results will be. Far too many people throw in the towel too soon because they "didn't feel or see anything" right away, just like with physical fitness. But when you combine the two, along with other healthy habits, you will drastically reduce your anxiety and become a BEAST who's ready to handle anything!

Controlling Anxiety | Michael Thomas Fit South Jersey Life Coaching for Men


Another thing My South Jersey Life Coaching for Men program promotes heavily is drinking plenty of water. Most people are dehydrated and don't even know it. Drinking water creates a feeling of relaxation and relieves anxiety, so drink as much water as possible!


Reduce alcohol consumption or any substances that alter your thoughts and make you temporarily "escape" from the reality you created. Once you become in control of your reality and feel good about it, you will not want or need them anymore because all they do is hold you back from becoming the best version of YOU. Always remember that YOUR BIGGEST BATTLE IS YOU, and you need to bring the right weapons to battle. Every day we go to war with the old version of ourselves. My South Jersey Life Coaching for Men program will help you develop an unbreakable mindset that will keep you present in the moment and able to handle and overcome any adversity thrown at you without feeling the need to bury your emotions in alcohol and substances, which only creates more anxiety.

Your Vision

With my South Jersey Life Coaching for Men program, adherence to your macros, diet and training will keep you in complete alignment with your vision, and help you to overcome anxiety. Doing the wrong things blurs your vision and makes like more difficult than it needs to be. Show me a man's habits and I'll show you his future! This is why the early wake up is so important, as it creates discipline and good habits that lead to the NEW YOU!

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