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In order to get the body and mind that you've always wanted, proper diet and nutrition is where it starts. You need to be diligent with your food intake and learn to count macros. My South Jersey Life Coaching for Men program can help you learn self control, starting with your food intake.

Diet & Nutrition | Michael Thomas Fit South Jersey Life Coaching for Men

Anything you want to be successful at in life requires extensive preparation, consistency and discipline. Whether your goals are to add on some muscle or lose weight, you have to be consistent with your diet, nutrition and macros so we can figure out exactly where you need to be to gain or lose weight.

If it were easy, everyone would eat healthy and be in shape, right? Why do you think most people can't seem to achieve the body they've always wanted? They have zero discipline, which leads to making bad food choices in the moment based on their emotional state. People seek comfort instead of doing what's hard. How many times do you need to feel regret after you gorge on pizza, burgers, fries or chips to realize you could be so much further ahead in life if you could learn to hold yourself accountable and not give in to that voice?

The foods you choose to eat moving forward all have meaning and purpose. Each meal, every gram and ounce, is representing your ability to keep your word. How badly do you want it? Once you become strict with your diet, nutrition and macros through my South Jersey Life Coaching for Men program, you will gain momentum and it will become easier to make the right choices because of how you're starting to look and feel.

Losing weight or "cutting", as we call it, is torture, so you need to learn to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. When your body is used to consuming a certain amount of calories and you drastically reduce it, you're going to be pretty hungry most of the time, so get used to it!

Sticking to your diet and hitting your macros every day will keep you aligned with your purpose and your vision. Without a vision, people just do circles. My South Jersey Life Coaching for Men program will help you create and see that vision, and it will all start with proper diet and nutrition.

The right proteins, fats and carbohydrates are the keys to your future best self!

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